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  • Business Applications That Work the Way You Do
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    • All the Features and Capabilities You Need, a Click Away
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    • Enter Information Once, Access it from Any Function
    • On-the-Fly Period Closings without Business Interruption
  • Business Applications That Deliver
    • Intuitive & Transparent Functionality for Ease of Use
    • Efficient Operation for Fast, Easy Entry, Updating, Processing and Outputting
    • Comprehensive Suite of High-Value Business Applications from One Source
    • Flexible, Customizable Design Puts You in Control
    • Durability, with Regular Updates that Retain Customizations and Settings
    • Cost-Effective Value at 30% - 60% Less
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CEOs, Executive Committees & Boards

To control business strategy & planning

CFOs, Finance & Accounting

To control business assets

COOs, Operations & Quality Assurance

To control processes & productivity

CMOs, Sales & Customer Service

To control customer relationships

CIOs, IT & Support

To control information management & optimization

ALERE’s powerful suite of business applications works with virtually any business.

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  • Client Server, LAN, Cloud through Remoter Terminal Services
  • Innovative, Advanced Architecture for Efficiency
  • Portable Customization in Version Updates

Common Product Design

  • Document Management Backbone for ECM Market
  • One-Point Entry for All Information with Data Drilldown and Browsers
  • Reporting Support for Email, PDF creation and Excel Export

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Manages Prospects, Customers & Suppliers Focusing on Individuals
  • Email and Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Real-Time Two-Way Integration with Microsoft Outlook


  • Complete One-Screen Order Documentation for Entry, Processing & More
  • Integration of and Access to Comprehensive Order-Related Functions
  • Common Processes Streamlined and Simplified


  • Complete Purchase Order Documentation on One Screen
  • Online Order-Approval Process with Multiple Authorization Levels
  • Multiple Functions on One Order and Screen


  • Supports DRP (Distribution Resource Planning)
  • Multiple Inventory Types – Average, Standard, LIFO, FIFO
  • Full Lot/Serial/Trait Traceability

General Ledger

  • Automatic Period Closings without Business Interruption
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities with Multi-Company Consolidation
  • Budgeting Optionally Integrated with Excel

Business Intelligence

  • Advanced Information Acquisition & Management
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Sales Support Integration


  • Selectable ERP Data Publishing to Cloud
  • Contact/Sales App for Android or Apple Mobile Device Access
  • Customizable to Client Needs, Permission-Based Login & Access Control

Data Acquisition

  • Advanced Scanner-Based Operation
  • Real-Time, Interactive with Operator
  • Integrated into Sales, Purchases, Inventory and Manufacturing


  • Extensive Support for Build-to-Stock and Build-to-Order Processes
  • Flexible, Powerful MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) and Scheduling Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Capabilities, Functionality and Resources

Walk and chew gum at the same time!


See what clients say about how ALERE is helping them manage their businesses more effectively.

  • Bitronics LLC

    Bitronics manufactures electrical monitoring devices for worldwide applications. They need support for complex bills of material with revisions. They also depend heavily on MRP tools to support their product and suppliers.

  • Emery Distributors

    Emery is a large wholesale hobby distributor. They have extensive inventory management requirements for their hundreds of thousands of SKUs. Their large base of retail dealers requires support for complex pricing schemes to keep them competitive.

  • Loikits Technologies, Inc.

    Loikits provides industrial services that require fast document processing and a package that will easily handle software modifications to meet the company’s specific industry requirements.

  • Boyesen, Inc.

    Boyesen is a manufacturer of performance products. Their fast-moving inventory demands extensive bar coding support.

  • ICA Inc.

    ICA is one of just a handful of pipe fitting insulation companies. They require detailed manufacturing costing and product support.


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